Know-How Enhancement for Sustainable Transportation Organisation

April 30th, 2015

Know-How Enhancement for Sustainable Transportation Organisation

Know-How Enhancement for Sustainable Transportation Organisation

On Friday April 30 at at 19:00 o'clock in E110 Auditorum, Mr. Edmon Alite will make a presentation on “Know-How Enhancement for Sustainable Transportation Organisation-KHESTO ”. The KHESTO project has been financed by IPA Program which promotes the cooperation in the Adriatic area. It aims to provide technological services in order to improve the transportation system which is the fundamental basis for the attractiveness and competitiveness of a territory for investments. Moreover, the improvement of accessibility between and towards peripheral areas will reduce the depopulation of these areas.


KHESTO intends to contribute to Priority 3, Measure 3.2, “Sustainable mobility systems” since its main goal is the improvement of the links among the Adriatic territories by promoting a better use of traveling time of commuters and students stimulating the use of public lines and reduce the traffic jam and pollution. It aims to consider the traveling time of the daily working/studying hours, leaving to the traveler more free time for the social life.


By the installation of innovative ICT tools on buses, trains used by commuters, will experiment a new type of e-work, with the following main features:

  • worker de-localization;

  • availability of suitable tools;

  • connection with company/school;