2016 ICT Thesis of the year Award won by Computer Engineering department graduate

May 3rd, 2017

This year in ICT Award Albania 2016, one of our student, Albana Roçi, was awarded the ICT Thesis of Year 2016. The title of her diploma thesis is Iris Recognition. During her master studies, she has been working with algorithms of Iris Recognition, which is one of the fields of Biometrics. Iris Recognition includes several challenging steps such as image acquisition, segmentation, normalization, encoding and matching and in order to perform correctly, tough mathematical apparatus has been developed. Albana's thesis presented original contributions in the segmentation and encoding. The main purpose of this project was to obtain a better accuracy, equal error rate (EER) and to optimize the running time. The use of these methods that were developed resulted in higher accuracy and lower EER. Her work until now, is presented in conferences and published in one journal. More information

We congratulate Albana on this achievement and with her further success!