3 CEN Graduates get PhD Scholarship from La Sapienza

October 24th, 2014

3 CEN Graduates get PhD Scholarship from La Sapienza

3 CEN Graduates get PhD Scholarship from La Sapienza

Three recent graduates of Computer Engineering Department have been accepted in the PhD program of Computer Enginering of La Sapienza with full scholarship. Erisa Terolli, Briland Hitaj and Enis Ulqinaku registered at our university in Fall of 2009. Their hard work has been rewarded with the opportunity to continue their PhD studies from a very prestigious university. As a university we are very happy for them, we congratulate them and remind the other students that their predecessors have set a high bar to beat!

Erisa Terolli, Computer Engineering Department

My name is Erisa Terolli. I have received my  master degree in Computer Engineering at Epoka University in June 2014. For the moment I am following my PHD studies in La Sapienza University of Rome with a full international fellowship.

Studying at Epoka University is one of the most fruitful experiences that I have ever lived. Epoka as an institution, has exceed my expectations, because I have found not only professional professors but also people trying hard to help us construct our future career. The career development programs like internships, mentorships and volunteer works offered during my studies have helped me a lot to feel  comfortable with the team work in an international environment. Nowadays I am working with one of the most well-known professors in Algorithms, Prof. Alessandro Panconesi,and I realize that the background, builded during my bachelor and master studies in Epoka, is a good start to take the challenge of researching internationally.

Undoubtedly, I have to say that Epoka is the best academic environment for a student that wants dedication, professionalism and excellence.


Briland Hitaj, Computer Engineering Department

A paragraph or two are not enough to describe my experience at Epoka University, but I will try to write down as many details as possible. I have received both my Bachelor and Master of Science degree at Computer Engineering Department of Epoka University. Currently speaking, I am pursuing my PhD studies with a full departmental scholarship at La Sapienza University of Rome in the area of Machine Learning incorporated in IC Security under the supervision of an esteemed professor such as Luigi Vincenzo Mancini.

During my studies at Epoka, I should state that I felt as I were part of a big family. The professors as well as the rest of the staff members always had their doors open and were willing to help us for any kind of problem. Their dedication and good will has contributed a lot on the construction of my profile as a professional and as a person as well. The image of such persons is carved in my brain as examples of dedication to work and of persons working to build a society of persons that will bring a bright future for Albania and the World as well.

Also, Epoka gave me the possibility to test my strengths in various areas. I have worked as mentor in the Programming Club, class representative, Mobile App Club advisor and also completed an internship at an Italian Web development company. Also, after finishing my Bachelor studies, I were given the opportunity to work at ICTCO, facing so a real working environment and improving so my skills as a software developer and to work in group.

I believe that every single bit of knowledge gained during my years at Epoka will serve me well during my PhD studies and my future career as well and I would invite every single student who wants to find a friendly environment to study and excel in his future to be part of Epoka family.



Enis Ulqinaku, Computer Engineering Department

In 2009 I was a freshman in Epoka University, coming from a public high school I was not
familiar with private institutions of education. I remember the first time I got in touch with professors of Computer Engineering department. I was satisfied with their way of communication and their mentality of education, but at the same time I may truly say that I was not sure about high goals set from them to be achieved in a few years.

Now, when I look back, after five years of studying at Epoka, I remember many hard moments,
I faced many problems, but honestly I may state that every single moment there was a positive willing from professors to help solving these issues, and I would like to thank all of them, one-by-one for their motivation and hard work to do their best.
I feel myself lucky I had the opportunity to have friends from many countries, learning for their cultures and I remind funny moments trying to teach each-other some words in different languages.

Epoka is a great experience for me, both for my professional career and my life. Today, I am proud I have been part of a university, which has improved each year increasing the quality.
I wish Epoka will keep this pace of growth and in the near feature it will be ranked as one of the top universities in the region.