Best thesis award nominees

June 25th, 2014

For the first time this year, as Computer engineering department, we are choosing the best thesis. There are 8 nominees together from 3rd and 4th year students. We want to briefly introduce their projects here.

Nafi Xhafa: Small Business Management System (SBMS)

SBMS is a web-based system used to facilitate the financial operations and activities performed by the owners of the small neighborhood grocery shops in Albania. This system is implemented with the purpose of fulfilling the needs and requirements of the owners, by providing a user-friendly interface with no extra effort of usage, considering the knowledge level of the primary user. It enables the user to manage the invoices and supplies with their respective payment method, let it be in cash or on credit, as well as the Accounts Receivable (representing the debts of the customers toward the grocery shop) and the Accounts Payable (representing the debts of the shop toward its suppliers); the user is able to view daily general financial information, see the sales of a date period of user's choice in a column graphical format, generate a monthly Income Statement etc. This system is designed to display appropriate alert messages and take appropriate actions for every possible wrong input/selection and it tries to optimize the operations and the results displayed to the user. It assists the user in entering the input by directly querying the database and generating a list of possible available choices. In this way the system is more interactive and inclined toward the user benefits. It is a must for making the calculations of revenues, costs, sales, debts, net profit etc., straightforward and effortless from user's perspective.


Anisa Halimi:  New Host Specificity Index

 Host specificity is one of the most important properties of parasitology. It tells about the dynamics of their population, the probability that the parasites move to a new habitat or infect new hosts and attempt to change the characteristics of these host species.

At first, host specificity index was determined as the number of host species exploited by a parasite. Different studies have shown that the measurement of the index is not so simple.

It should consider not only the number of host species, genera, families, orders and classes, but also how closely related to these host species are to each other in the phylogenetic tree. It should also capture the ecological and biological factors such as prevalence, intensity and abundance of infection of the host species.

We propose a new host specificity index here that has better discrimination factor and takes into consideration the ecological factors and the prevalence of the parasites. After explaining how the general index is computed; by using hypothetical taxonomic structures and the classification of parasites based on how closely or distantly related the host species are in the taxonomic structure, the advantages of this index are shown. By some small changes the index can also incorporate the prevalence and the intensity of infection by the parasites.


Sabah Bushaj:Survey Conductor

The technology is also a major factor causing globalization. As we may know every one of us has the chance and it’s able to buy online, to work online, to study online and so many other opportunities offered online for every person all around the world. 

Another new trend, in which the application concentrates is the mobile technology. The newest trend, the most influencing technology nowadays, offering the opportunity to be online wherever you are. Connecting people all around the world the mobile technology is a new exploding market with many ways to make profits.

With this program every person, be it a student, a researcher or a teacher, this application with look forward to offer them the easiest way possible to gather data and to make statistical analysis. There is no need to make so many efforts into the roads just to select a sample space so that to perform analysis, this function is easily done just by collecting information with the android application about all the surveys that we want to make. After that there is no need to put it on Eviews also, because we will offer some simple functionalities like running a regression, making estimations and hopefully many more important functions by time including hypothesis testing, Heteroskedasticity testing, functional form misspecification etc.


Evis Dosari: Design and Implementation of a Real Estate Web Application

As it is directly explained from my thesis subject itself, it consists of a real estate web application developed for two purposes. The first one is the thesis context, the second id its usage from a real estate agency in Albania.                      

Although it is designed to have much more functionalities, it now contains all the main services that a web application of this kind might offer. It provides a sophisticated search engine, enabling users of any category easily perform a property search according to their wish or need. It displays unlimited number of listings in a sorted way related to the features specified by the user. The website also allows people create their personal accounts, where they can advertise their own properties for free, create a wish list for the properties they are interested in, or even send messages to the website administrator. Users can subscribe to the website and be informed about the latest changes and publications, they also have the possibility to submit requests for any preferred property.

Besides the client-side website, it is also provided an administrator panel which resembles to a CMS, from where anything happening in the main website is controlled and managed. This mostly serves to the real estate agents, by offering many options and working facilities.

In a near future, the project is going to be expanded by adding some options and features, as the conditions are promising for a really huge usability.  



Murat Cengiz: Student Information and Activity System

Student Information and Activity System, is a responsive web application that enforces the the student, teacher and parent relationship. It provides this by constantly exchanging feedback between them. The system was build to be responsive to give the opportunity to the students to be able to have interactive courses via their mobile phone. These interactive courses also known as live sessions provide a certain set of features to the students and teachers in real time. When a teacher enters a classroom she can set a certain set of features that the students can benefit from such as providing the current lecture material, brief information about the current lecture, and exchanging feedback from teacher to student and from student to the teacher. The system also holds student information such as student disciplinary score, student grades. These information is also shared with their parents so that any low grade is known real time so it could be prevented the next time. The system also provides notification system to the parent where teacher-parent meetings could be arranged, and messages concerning the students could be sent such as injuries and misbehavior. This system provides the parent to have more information and feedback about his child, this helps give better decisions on how to act to your child.


Nertil Zhuri: Raspberry Pi Game Console (GAMPI)
As the name describes, this project is a game console built using a Raspberry Pi computer. Raspberry Pi is a very small computer with 700 MHz CPU speed, a GPU and 512 MB of RAM; Raspberry Pi runs on Linux, and for this project a Debian distribution for raspberry pi (Raspbian) is used.

Raspberry Pi has 26 GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins that allow this computer to communicate with external devices, as in this case a joystick and two buttons. Since the joystick and the buttons can only give analog signals which the computer cannot understand, an analog-to-digital converter, MCP3008 chip, is used.

Using python programming language, the output signals from the analog devices are taken and then processed as the input for the games. Three games are developed for this project using PyGame library of python. The games instead of taking the input from keyboard or the mouse, they interact with the analog devices, and when combined with UNIX shell commands all the system works only using the joystick and the buttons.

The games developed for this console are:

  • DxBall: a breakout arcade game that has a platform which controls the ball, and the aim of the game is to break all the blocks.
  • Space: this is a kind of space invaders game where the user controls a spaceship and must avoid and destroy alien spaceships
  • Caveman: a platformer kind of game with long levels, platforms and advanced animations. The player controls a caveman character and the aim of the game is to pass as many levels as possible.



Tourism is the best way to make a country stronger. It is a matter of luck and work. Our country is definitely lucky, with a wide range of attractive places. The coast side includes all kind of beaches. So, we have to do the work part. Success of nowadays projects is strongly related with technology. Albania is adopting fast new technologies. Everyone is well connected with each other. They use all kind of social networks and other communication software, which as a consequence is makes them familiar with their Smartphones or Tablets. Therefore there must be a connection between government and tourists. In other words, tourist report problems and the government find a solution. Also the government should make suggestions.

This can happen by talking the language that everybody understands: Showing them what they want to see and hearing them back. So the responsible institutions can always be in the right place and the right time. One Smartphone application can do all this with low cost.The tourists and government institutions will have the same space to talk. Just a good will can make this project work and with some good programming skills in Java, XML, PHP, SQL, this work is done. In addition, based on the mobile market the most used platforms worldwide are Android and IOS. However, Android is mostly used in Albania because of low price. So the best choice is developing an application for Android devices.



Erigers Mamoci: TES LLC Content Management System

TES LLC Content Management System is a complex web application built with the latest web technology implemented where the administrator is granted with full control over the website. It is easy to export and implement in other templates with simple changes. This is made possible with modular programming, custom built-in functions, common CSS3 and HTML5 structures and various JQUEYR effects, all in separate files. The template of administration panel is very user friendly and easy to understand. It is built responsively and with JQUERY custom tutorials for every section in case the administrator cannot find the solution. Administrator can update, delete, add pages and specific sections inside every page, change images, change order of paragraphs, add downloading files, links etc. 

TES LLC Content Management System is not only very functional and working properly, but also very secure. Forms are equipped with sql injection functions trim, stripslashes and passwords are encrypted with double md5. Its modularity has been tested and implemented in other web applications as well. Visit