Best thesis awards - 2015

February 1st, 2017

First Place: Xhoena Polisi

Observation of Cell Behavior on Patterned Surfaces by Image Processing Algorithms

While advances in medicine and biology experiments and data gathering is growing more and more every day, the need to read in a real time this data and to get the desired information is increasing too. To manage all the needs that scientists have in order to get the real time information many processing algorithms are used.

Monocytes are large, circulating white blood cell, formed in bone marrow and in the spleen that ingest large foreign particles and cell debris. When they are activated they become macrophages. Macrophages are a type of white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes, cancer cells, and anything else that does not have the types of proteins specific to the surface of healthy body cells on its surface in a process called phagocytosis.In this study, the behavior of the monocytes/macrophages cells in different mediums and patterns was investigated to determine if the surface micropaterns would attenuate the inflammation process or not. Image processing algorithms in Matlab were used as a tool, to analyze and extract data from the images.

Based on the results obtained, it was observed that the cells number is bigger at day 6 as expected since the cells are living in the medium. The size of the cells is bigger when they are activated (becoming macrophages) and their number increases when inflammatory medium is added which means that they are reacting as they would do in the blood in case of any inflammatory process.

Keywords: Image processing, monocytes, macrophage


First Place: Evio Abazi 

Visual sensors are going to have a very important role in the driver assistance systems. Nowadays, several car models - equipped with cameras - have been presented with the aim to facilitate the process of parking. Certainly, these cameras could be used for other tasks with the intent to offer a better assistance to drivers on the road. The paper describes a system that is able to recognize, in real-time, people and traffic lights in order to warn the driver of their presence. In addition, with the rotation of the camera towards the interior of the car, it is implemented a security system that tracks the motions and informs the driver of suspicious movements during his absence. The system is designed using a simple standard hardware (Raspberry Pi + modules) and the application is written in JAVA using the computer vision library OpenCV combined with libraries of Processing Foundation.

Based on initial tests, the system achieved very reasonable results and a good precision rate: it worked perfectly with a high percentage of recognition of traffic lights and pedestrians. The audio signal that notified their presence, offered sufficient support to the driver. In the same way, the surveillance system reported every human motion that was detected in the car and the frames grabbed were successfully sent to the owner by e-mail, making the person easily traceable.



Second Place: Jona Hebaj

Apparo a Digital Asset Management System Nowadays there is a huge amount of data around us, most of it very useful, but sometimes unorganized. So this makes all the data lose value somehow.

During our research we noticed that here in Albania only some big private companies are using specialized softwares to store their data. Other small ones and also state organs use still old ways of organizing their documents, starting from local computer based folders and files till the old ways of papers and boxes and rooms full of them.  

The purpose of Apparo as a software is to help in keeping up with this unordered and huge amount of information around us. Said in a different way Apparo is a system which helps in digital assets management. The word asset represents any type of document starting from simple text documents, word, excel, pdf, images, videos, audios and continuing with other formats for professional use. You can organize them in many folders and subfolders, the way you want the content to be. Also each of the assets can have its own metadata in the form of description, keywords, labels etc. Apparo offers local backup, as well as if programmed, automatic backup can be done time after time. It is secure, has a simple interface and is presented to the Albanian user as a software also in Albanian language.


Third Place Dorjan Hitaj