Computer Engineering Department organized 2nd International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics

September 29th, 2013

Epoka University, in collaboration with "Aleksandër Moisiu" University of Durrës, Polytechnic University of Tirana, University of Ioannina, South East European University and Yildiz Technical University organized the 2nd International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics. ISCIM 2013 symposium was organized for the second time in Albania and several researchers and academicians from different countries in the region and beyond presented their scientific papers. 

To be emphasized, is the participation of famous keynote spekears, like Prof. Dr. Peter van Emde Boas (University of Amsterdam) who has firstly developed a data structure tree known as van Emde Boas tree. In his presentation he explained how this structure was discovered 39 years ago, its use in time, and he compared the original ideas with modern descriptions present in the literature.

A second keynote speech was held by profesor Derviş Karaboğa (University of Erciyes) who presented his invented algorithm called Artificial bee colony - ABC Algorithm. In his presentation was also included the recent advances with ABC Algorithm and discussed its future evolutionIn ISCIM 2013 symposium participated other invited speakers such as Luigi Laura (University La Sapienza Rome, Italy), Loukas Georgiadis (University of Ionanina, Greece) and Silvio Pardi (European Grid Infrastructure). 

The first ISCIM symposium was held two years ago, and hosted jointly by Aleksander Moisiu University of Durres and Epoka University. This second edition was hosted by Epoka University, and scientifically supported by the scientists from institutions around the world, including but not limited to the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Alexander Moisiu University of Durres,Yıldız Technical University, University of Ioannina, South East European University, and Microsoft Research. The 2nd International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics was also sponsored by South East European University, Albanian Educational Fund and European Grid Infrastructure.

With no doubt, we hope that this symposium gave a great contribution in increasing the research quality in the Balkan region  and has also increased the productivity for students and academics staff.