IMoPC-2013 Final Contest

May 11th, 2013

Today, May 11, 2013, the final contest of  Intelligent Minds online Programming Contest (IMoPC). IMoPC took place. There was great excitement and finalists have participated to the contest on site at Epoka university computer lab.  The contest took place between 10:00 and 15:00.

Students have been asked 15 online questions in three contests. And, they have been given five hours for every contest. XDNA (Andi Gjoka, Nertil Zhuri, David Veliu and Xhulja Shahini) is the winner of the final contest but that was not enough to get the full title. At the end of the competition,the group 1337 have solved all 12 questions with in 1556 minutes and had the first place. Qwerty team had the second place, The group Master1 missed the third place on the last minute, and Agirls++ had the third place. 

Here is the final standings:

The position Group Name Student1 Student2 Student3 Student4 Questions Solved Time used
1st Place 1337 ArditMeti Yllza Canaj Kevin Shehu Sabah Bushaj 12 1556
2nd Place Qwerty Nilda Kipi Jona Hebaj Evio Abazi Eda Doko 10 1554
3rd Place Agirls++ Anxhela Bega Xheni Haka Dea Maze Oriola Gjetaj 9 1535
4th Place Master1 Mario Gashi - - - 9 2066

Other teams that participated: HRP, Leke, X-DNA, TOD11, Agents, HMD, Binfen, Binfers

We congratulates all participants and wish their success pursuits in the future.

The Department of Computer Engineering