IMPC-14 Online Programming Contest

November 13th, 2014


Online Programming Contest 2014-2015


"Intelligent Minds" online Programming Contests are a series of competitions aiming to develop and increase programming skills of youngsters.


Objectives of the competition:


  • help young generations to develop their programming skills

  • help students to develop instantaneous solutions for problems

  • develop abilities to work in groups

  • use acquired skills and knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions

  • participate in the future of technology and software industry

  • contribute Albanian society in computer science

  • learn new technological skills

  • test yourself against the other students from the field

  • make new friends



The contest:

The contest has two phases.

  • The group competition phase

  • Individual  competition phase

The first phase is organized in groups and prepares the students to the individual phase.


Group Phase:


The contest is organized as a series of competitions publicly opened for University and High School students. This group phase aims to prepare students for the individual contest. The contest series includes 1 preparatory contest and 4 other contests.


  • The groups can only be formed between students from the same high school/university

  • Any student who is registered to any university or High school can participate.

  • The contest is for group of 3 or 4 students

  • Groups with students from universities

    • cannot have more than 2 students from the same grade.

    • Groups with 3 students should have at least one student from the 1st grade.

    • Groups with 4 students should have two students from the 1st grade.

  • For high school students

    • The students must be from the same school

    • There has to be at least one student from 10th grade,

    • there cannot be more than two students from any grade.

  • Students who aren't from Epoka University should bring a certificate before the final contest which shows their grade (attending class).

  • The groups will submit their solutions using the same username. Any user from the group can solve any question.

  • The final contest for finalist candidates will be organized at the Epoka University lab.


Online Contester Ranking Calculation


  1. The students are put in descending order according to the number of questions solved.

  2. If many students solve the same number of questions, then, they are put in ascending order according to the time spent solving the questions.

  3. Every wrong submission is counted as 20 minutes time penalty.

  4. Compilation errors will be deleted by admins and will not count for the time penalty.

  5. The fourth contest that will be organized at the Epoka University lab will have more weight than the other contests.

  6. The ranking after the 4 contests is calculated according to the number of questions solved and the time used (penalty) in all four contests.


Timeline for Online Group Contests

        1. 22 November 2014 (Preparatory Phase) (Practice)

        2. 20 December 2014 (First Contest) (20%)

        3. 10 January 2015 (Second Contest) (20%)

        4. 7 February 2015 (Third Contest) (20%)

        5. 7 March 2015 (Final Contest) (40%)


Individual Competition Phase


There are 4 online contests:


1. 21 March 2015 (First Contest) (20%)

2. 18 April 2015 (Second Contest) (20%)

3. 9 May 2015 (Third Contest) (20%)

4. 6 June 2015 (Final Contest) (40%)


Calculating the winner:

There are three contests and a final. Final contest is counted in place of two regular contests. Thus, the first three contests have 60% effect and the final contest has 40% effect on the final result.


When calculating the student ordering: The student who solved the most number of questions in the least time (penalty) takes the first place.


*Individual contests are open for public, but certificates and prices will be only distributed to Epoka University Students and prospective Epoka University Students.



The Contest Site and application:

    Apply for group contest from here