Informatics Stars Online Programming Contest 2014

March 8th, 2013

Informatics Stars Online Programming Contest 2014

Informatics Stars Online Programming Contest 2014

General Information


The demand for informatics is growing every day in Albania. According to a research “Information and Communication Technologies” is one of the top professions among high school students. The Intelligent Minds Programming Contest is a national competition oriented to high-school students organized by EPOKA University. We invite all high school students to use their imagination and passion to solve challenging problems:

The Contest is a chance to:

  • use acquired skills and knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions

  • participate in the future of technology and software industry

  • contribute Albanian society in computer science

  • learn new technological skills.

  • test yourself against the brightest students around the Albania.

  • make new friends.


Online Registration Deadline:    April 20, 2013

Contest :   April 26, 2014


Registration will be from here.

You can see sample questions from here.



The students will get certificates and the following scholarships from Faculty of Architecture and Engineering:

  • 1st place: 75% scholarship

  • 2nd place: 50% scholarship

  • 3rd place: 30% scholarship