INFORMATICS STARS, Online Programming Contest for High School Students

January 21st, 2014

INFORMATICS STARS, Online Programming Contest for High School Students

INFORMATICS STARS, Online Programming Contest for High School Students

The demand for informatics is growing every day in the world. According to a research “Information and Communication Technologies” is one of the top professions among high school students. The Informatics Stars Online Programming Contest is a national competition oriented to high-school students organized by Epoka University. We invite all high school students to use their imagination and passion to solve challenging problems:


  • Use acquired skills and knowledge to provide innovative and creative solutions
  • Participate in the future of technology and software industry
  • Contribute to Albanian society in computer science
  • Learn new technological skills.
  • Test yourself against the brightest students around Albania.
  • Make new friends.


Beginning of Registration                     March 10, 2014
Online Registration Deadline              April 20, 2014
Contest                                                     April 26, 2014


1st place   75% scholarship
2nd place   50% scholarship


Official language of INFORMATICS STARS ONLINE PROGRAMMING CONTEST is Albanian and English. The questions will be in English and Albanian only.


  • The registration for the competition can be completed on the web site
  • Participants must be less than 19 years old and registered to high schools that meet high school education requirements.
  • 11th and 12th year students from high schools can take part in the contest
  • If an 11th grade student gets a degree in the contest, his/her scholarship is reserved for the year after.
  • Participants are responsible of what information they enter during registration. In case of any misspelled name or any other information organization committee won’t accept any responsibility.
  • For international contestants: Please enter the participant's name in the registration form carefully, which will be used for the visa invitation. A spelling mistake may cause trouble for you during visa application.
  • Registered participant student names cannot be changed after the deadline of registration.


  • The contest takes place on the site
  • There are sample questions on the site and participants can practice for the contest after their registration.
  • There will be 5 programming questions.
  • Online Contester Ranking Calculation
  • The students are put in descending order according to the number of questions solved.
  • If many students solve the same number of questions, then, they are put in ascending order according to the time spent solving the questions.
  • Every wrong submission is count 20 minutes time penalty