Invited talk: Using scada data analysis in renewables: Diagnosing wind turbine problems

May 1st, 2017

Dr. Klaus Vogstad from Norwegian University of Science and Technology gave a seminar to the students of Computer Engineering Department. He talked about the need to use scada data for the analysis of issues that can arise in the wind turbines. Many countries have started to use the wind as a source of energy and have invested considerably in wind turbine technology. Wind turbines work at a certain rate that matches with the other machinery that is used to produce energy, and should not be let as a toy to the winds and/or to the tornados. Their operation is controlled by almost a century of sensors. The large number of sensors gathers operational data of the wind turbines over the course of few years and all this data needs a nice platform to conduct the analysis. Dr. Vogstad explained how one can use scada data in the diagnosis of the wind turbine problems.