Our Faculty Member Will Give a Keynote Address at ICENS 2015

May 15th, 2015

Our department member Dr. Ilir Capuni is one of the invited speakers at the International Conference on Engineering and Natural Science, to be held in Skopje from May 15 - 19 this year. He is going to present the recent results and challenges in the field of fault-tolerant computation and his pioneering work in this field. This field is gaining a lot of attention, since as the physical possibilities of silica based computation is reaching its end, we are left with two approaches: We either run the processors much faster to the point that processors make a lot of random errors, or we switch to some other model of computation like biomolecular model. 
The list of invited speakers is headed by Professor I. Akyildiz of Georgia Tech, and Dr. Ilir Capuni will be acompanied by M.Sc.Mukremin Ozkul, B.A.Nertil Zhuri, and B.A.Sidrit Reka.