Protik Innovation Center

September 12th, 2014

Protik Innovation Center with the support of the Minister for Public Administration and Innovation organizes an acceleration
program for 2-3 startups. The purpose of this project is to assist in the commercialization of new business ideas and to increase
visibility in the market for existing new businesses.

Successful candidates should meet the following requirements:

  1.  To have an innovative idea / product / service wishing to commercialize in local / regional market.
  2.  To be represented as an individual or as a startup company (less than one year).
  3.  At least 50% of the group should be Albanian nationals.
  4.  Teams should not have more than 4 members
  5.  Applicants should submit CVs of the individual / team.
  6.  Individual / startup should make it clear what the market demand is addressed this idea through a / product / service.
  7.  Individual / startup should make clear the way of generating revenue under the proposed business model.

Other Benefits:
Protik will identify potential sponsors to support and develop ideas that will result with innovative product/services to be marketed
by the members of the accelerator program. The center will collaborate closely with ICT related initiatives to encourage
graduated startups to access well-known competitions such as Eleven Venture Fund or Masschallenge Accelerator.

For further information you may contact  in the  below mentioned address

"Papa Gjon Pali”Street, Nr 3, First Floor,Tirana.
Phone/Fax: +355 42 25 2000/5