March 1st, 2012



Welcome to the University of Epoka Computer Engineering Department web site! We designed our web site to help you find the content you want in the fastest and easiest way. We hope you will find it attractive.

Web pages are not enough though, come visit us in our Rinas Campus! You may be an employer, a former graduate, an instructor, a parent, or a student, does not matter, you are welcome for a friendly talk. Especially, if you are student, you will get all the necessary information, see our campus, and get to know our friendly instructors and staff.

Here in Computer Engineering Department we are committed to give the best education you can get. Our educators have the time to spent for you: the number of students in each class is small.

You will have no problem in following the latest changes in industry: the language of education is English, the language of Information Technology. You will be able to understand all that new stuff as soon as they come.

You will prepare projects that will teach you how to do programming.

You can be one of our award winning teams, just like our teams that win in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012.

These are exciting times for computing. The advances like the Internet, artificial intelligence, and smart phones changed our way of life, way of thinking, way of interacting, and will continue to do so.

You will be among the people that bring that change!

The future holds exciting possibilities for professionals in computer engineering.

You are invited!

Computer Engineering Department.