Department of Computer Engineering

The mission of the Department of Computer Engineering is to educate the students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering so that they can develop solutions to Computer Engineering problems and enhance their skills on computer science, computer architecture, design and analysis of algorithms, software engineering communication and research skills. It is aimed to especially emphasize teamwork, independent and innovative thinking and leadership qualities. In particular, the Computer Engineering Program aims to:

  1. Train the students to have theoretical background in basic sciences and engineering and to be equipped with necessary technical skills,
  2. Develop students' competency in reading, writing and oral communication,
  3. Provide practical experience which will enable students to utilize and enhance their engineering knowledge,
  4. Promote students' self-discipline and self-assurance and the ability to learn on their own,
  5. Encourage team work, collaboration and development of interpersonal skills,
  6. Motivate the students towards contributing to the progress of science and technology,
  7. Teach the importance of ethical behaviour in social and professional life,
  8. Produce graduates for the engineering and the business communities who are observant, inquisitive and open to new technologies for developing better solutions,
  9. Produce graduates for the engineering and business communities with integrity, determination, judgment, motivation, ability and education to assume a leadership role to meet the demanding challenges of the society.

The vision of the Department of Computer Engineering is to be a department whose graduates are highly preferred in worldwide IT industry and to gain a leadership position in Albania and Balkans.

Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arban Uka


Department Coordinators

M.Sc. Fjona Topciu

M.Sc. Brikena Hasa


+355 4 2232 086 - +355 4 2222 117
Rr. Tirane-Rinas, Km. 12 1032 Vore Tirana, Albania
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