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Computer Engineering program is based on three year Bachelor Degrees. 

  • The first year of the program is dedicated to the study of basic sciences and mathematics which provide the student with engineering fundamentals. 
  • The second and third year are mainly composed of basic engineering courses besides fundamental courses of computer engineering. 
  • Professional practice at the end of the second and third year, and courses at the last year aim to provide a Computer Engineering perspective to students.

Curriculum of the program includes elective courses, which give an opportunity to students to improve their professional skills according to their interests. 

Some of them are nontechnical and free elective courses, the remaining are computer engineering electives. 

The requirements for a Diploma in Computer Engineering include the completion of minimum of 180 ECTS credits of formal course work and 30 days of approved practical training.

Job Opportunities

In the global industry, there is a strong demand for Computer Engineers particularly those who combine technical skills with good communication skills and team-work ability. 

Some but not all of the job opportunities can be summarized as follows:

  1. Working for companies such as banks, airline industries, government departments, consulting companies, and computer organizations that run large computer based systems, and firms specifying computer equipment for a certain application,
  2. Implementing data communication systems and Internet technologies,
  3. Designing and developing hardware components and interface cards for computer systems,
  4. Managing and working in high level software development projects,
  5. Maintaining and administering distributed databases and corporate local area networks.
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